Sunday, July 8, 2007

Proceed With Caution Until You Know You Are Moving In The Right Direction

So friday night I left to Molly's house around 7, but I ended up going to Vito's house(her boyfriend), met some new people there, one kid who I hate and the rest were okay. So I kinda chilled with them the whole time, they called me murphy because one of the kids thought that was my name so they all started calling me that after his mistake. Its funny, but kind of annoying. Then on Saturday woke up at 6 am ate breakfast, went swimming in mollys pool, tanned, went swimming again, went and got showered and ready, took four 2 second naps, woke up, hung out at Vitos house again till 10, then went back to Molly's and my sister and Caity picked me up, a little awkward but kinda not. We went to robertos then they took me home and they left, I was stuck at home for a couple hours till my mom got home.

Anyways, today im just packing, getting ready to move and shit. So stoked to move!

Todays gonna be boring.