Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Morning Savior

Coffee. Every morning I have to have a cup in order to function. I'm young and I know its probably not good for me, but Ive been drinking it religiously for a couple years now and I'm an addict. My favorite coffee would have to be from the all so famous..Starbucks. Also around winter time they have the best selection of flavored hot coco that is to die for. & the city; cup3."Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven."; coffee;5.i<3coffee; shop;7.Turkish Coffee Reader;8.home made delicious;9.espresso ;10.still life #25 ;11.A Bowhaus Breakfast.;12.milk and coffee;13.Stocky Coffee ;14.coffEE ,cLassifiEDs & sUndAy;15.I have measured out my life with coffee spoons...;16.autumn coffee


Just A Thought: Please Don't Break My Heart from Scottish artist Sandy Smith.

Friday, November 14, 2008

John Burgerman

These Iphone/Ipod touch cases are so neat. I love John Burgermans art work and everything he creates. I wish I had an an Iphone just so I could get one of these.

These are hand customised trainers for exhibition by Adidas in Taiwan by John.

“Own Your C” Ice-cream Truck. This is a project John did for an organization to help teens make the connection that their choices define who they are and who they will become. The campaign recognises making individual choices empowers youth to make educated decisions, including the choice to become or remain tobacco free. Its one of the coolest ice cream trucks Ive ever seen.

Dunny Series 4 and Tea Bear dunny. Tea Bear is part of the 3 bears collective from Kid Robot and comes with a bone-dry teacup.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


For some reason today was extremely warm, though the past weeks its been freezing outside. I hope I don't get sick from the temperature change.

Get yourself ready for winter means scarves. Personally I love them. I like the more simple looking ones then the ones with crazy patterns but I fall for a couple every now and then. I found a few really nice ones from Urban Outfitters, Lulus, and Creatures Of Comfort.

Pilen Concept Bike by ADDI

I saw this Pilen Concept Bike by ADDI and I couldn't help but think it was the coolest think ever. It was created by Johan Malmqvist, Andréas Karlsson and Eric Therner, Swedish designers who are creating some really great furniture pieces, but have now dabbled into transportation. Its supposed to give off the idea of a sports car, which I get. Everything about it is beautiful; the dual top bar arching beautifully from the spoke to the handlebars, which are also shaped quite interestingly as well.
They should release it soon if they know whats good for them!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't Go Quietly

I've made a plan. Next summer I am going to get out of Vegas. I can not wait till winter break, its going to be the best two weeks Ive had for a while. Just to be out of this town in the place I love most.

I think the best workout I had all week was jumping on my sisters bed for about 10 minutes today while telling her to get up. It was fun and tiring, I'm out of shape.

Andy Howell spends his time on simple things; skateboarding, surfing, drawing, painting, punk rock, and hip hop. Andy travelled the world for 7 years as a pro skateboarder and during his career co-founded New Deal Skateboards and Element Skateboards. Howell draws on anything from electrical boxes on the street to skateboard decks to canvas and paper. Howell's work is funny, while fusing his attraction to man’s vices with a cynical distaste for them.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This video features animated critters in real places. Its quite fun to watch. The music in it is from a band called Minilogue and all the animation is done by Ljubilden and Varelsen. It made me smile.

Ben The llustrator

Ben O'Brien is a commercial illustrator based in Cornwall, UK, with a background including animating and directing music videos for labels including Sony Japan and Domino Records; Tshirt design; album sleeve design and illustration; editorial illustration for clients including The Guardian and Vice Magazine and advertising campaigns for clients including Smart Cars and Honda.
Prints aviable from Wish You Were Here!