Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Morning Savior

Coffee. Every morning I have to have a cup in order to function. I'm young and I know its probably not good for me, but Ive been drinking it religiously for a couple years now and I'm an addict. My favorite coffee would have to be from the all so famous..Starbucks. Also around winter time they have the best selection of flavored hot coco that is to die for. & the city; cup3."Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven."; coffee;5.i<3coffee; shop;7.Turkish Coffee Reader;8.home made delicious;9.espresso ;10.still life #25 ;11.A Bowhaus Breakfast.;12.milk and coffee;13.Stocky Coffee ;14.coffEE ,cLassifiEDs & sUndAy;15.I have measured out my life with coffee spoons...;16.autumn coffee

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