Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so yeah..

I've been back in vegas for about a week now.
I cut my hair when I was still in cali and its real short. If I get on a computer soon ill put up a picture.
Since I've been back I really haven't done anything. Bullshits still going on with my dad and his wife. I hope he gets his shit together soon, not just for himself but for all of us too.
Molly got her license im excited for her, I really don't want her to move. But then again I want what's best for her ad she will do great in a dance company!
Me and brittney are planning on going to cali for her bday which is the 28th. I start AIS on the 26th so ill have to take my school work with me. But im excited to go back again cause I love it thereeee!
I still need a job. Badly.