Friday, October 3, 2008

Start Of The Weekend

I woke up quite early today considering I went to bed so late last night. I hate waking up and having nothing to do because everyone else is still sleeping. Luckily my best friend now lives in Ohio and its 3 hours ahead there so she was up, and I called her to see what she was up to! I really need to fix my bike. I keep procrastinating doing it but I need to cause I want to ride it.
Ive cleaned all morning. Our house had been a disaster for the last couple of days.
While I was doing the dishes for some odd reason this song popped up in my head and its been there ever since. It wont go away!

I saw this and I thought it was so cool. Like some 70's cop stuff. 110 film revolutionised photography in the 70s, making cameras easier to use and easier to load. But not as easy as the digital cameras that have now made the film more or less extinct. Except in Japan of course.
And from Japan comes the Secret Book camera. Yes, shaped like a vintage book, you just pull off the casing and spine to expose a retro-styled camera that uses 110 film for capturing your suspicious moments. Only costs 55$ haha

More Info at Fred Flare

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas Wishlist: A Start

I figured I would start adding stuff now. I'll add stuff every now and then until x- mas comes around. The things I put on here will be things I might really really want or stuff I want, but know im not going to get. Dare to dream.
#1: I need new clothes, these are so ideal. love them


1-3 from Creatures Of Comfort

#4:This coat is to die for and its so cheap!

from Lulus

#5: This shirt actually lifts up like blinds from the string you pull. So creative.
from ShiKiSaI

Thats all for now. My list will be super long, im sure of it! Since its only the beginning of October and ive aready added 5 things. Hope for more.

October Is Here YAY

Septembers over. Im glad, too many sad things happend during that month. October means Autumn. my 2nd favorite season(1st would have to be winter). I love the colors and the smells everything about it. When we lived in Georgia it was my favorite thing in Fall to wait to jump into a big pile of dried out leaves that fell off the giant tree in our front yard. To bad that wouldn't happen here in Vegas.

flickr photo of the week: autumn pool by Xenonb
Love this photo, gets me right in the mood for autumn.

There is a gallery here in Vegas showing "Pop: Images of the British Invasion, '62-'65" which I really want to get a chance to check out. Its all photography by Ian Wright who made himself known taking black and white shots of famous musicians from Ella Fitzgerald to Roy Robinson when he was only 14. This exibit,though focus on the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles and other bands from that era. I really want to go. Someone come with me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kristine Baerlin: WOW

As soon as I saw her work I was mesmerized. I don't know how she does it but she does. I thought they were done digitally, at first. But no, Kristine Baerlin creates these amazing pop art portrait paintings by hand!

Meow Mix

I was sitting doing homework today and one of my cats, Jonas, came and sat on my lap and fell asleep. It was really cute. Then all the rest of my cats came into the room and fell asleep in different parts of it. I thought it was adorable. Expecially since I was home alone and they just were all in the room hanging out with me, but sleeping haha.

I want to get them this. Its neat. I would need 4 of them though, so they wouldnt fight over it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sundays Are Daddy's Days

Every sunday I spend with my dad and his wife plus my step siblings. This is really the only time I see them during the week unless there is some special occasion on a week day. I love my dad and wish I could see him more. Since he moved jobs we cant go have lunch with him any more and it sucks. He said he had a surprise for us today. Im pretty sure they found a new house. It really isn't a surprise for me, but watever. Hopefully its a nice house. If its by our old one. I'd live with him and go back to school in a minute.

So its post that litte entry and the surprise WAS a new house and it is near my old school, not in the school zone but one out of it. That gets me thinking. The house they have is decent sized(considering all the people who are going to live in it), I might just want to move in.

I had hoped it would be something like this house, Its flippin awesome, only in my dreams.

Casa Negra (Black House), Mexico, by BGP Arquitectura.

The gorgeous view is the main element on this project. The floor plan asked for as little partitions and walls as possible. The kitchen and fireplace are the only elements erected from the concrete platform. The covered “terraza” is the hub for the whole structure where the cooking and living take place. Landscape was done taking into consideration the local flora and the virtual line that marks the end of the construction and the beginning of the terrain is erased by the integration of the two. The view is part of living in this house.