Friday, October 3, 2008

Start Of The Weekend

I woke up quite early today considering I went to bed so late last night. I hate waking up and having nothing to do because everyone else is still sleeping. Luckily my best friend now lives in Ohio and its 3 hours ahead there so she was up, and I called her to see what she was up to! I really need to fix my bike. I keep procrastinating doing it but I need to cause I want to ride it.
Ive cleaned all morning. Our house had been a disaster for the last couple of days.
While I was doing the dishes for some odd reason this song popped up in my head and its been there ever since. It wont go away!

I saw this and I thought it was so cool. Like some 70's cop stuff. 110 film revolutionised photography in the 70s, making cameras easier to use and easier to load. But not as easy as the digital cameras that have now made the film more or less extinct. Except in Japan of course.
And from Japan comes the Secret Book camera. Yes, shaped like a vintage book, you just pull off the casing and spine to expose a retro-styled camera that uses 110 film for capturing your suspicious moments. Only costs 55$ haha

More Info at Fred Flare

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