Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sundays Are Daddy's Days

Every sunday I spend with my dad and his wife plus my step siblings. This is really the only time I see them during the week unless there is some special occasion on a week day. I love my dad and wish I could see him more. Since he moved jobs we cant go have lunch with him any more and it sucks. He said he had a surprise for us today. Im pretty sure they found a new house. It really isn't a surprise for me, but watever. Hopefully its a nice house. If its by our old one. I'd live with him and go back to school in a minute.

So its post that litte entry and the surprise WAS a new house and it is near my old school, not in the school zone but one out of it. That gets me thinking. The house they have is decent sized(considering all the people who are going to live in it), I might just want to move in.

I had hoped it would be something like this house, Its flippin awesome, only in my dreams.

Casa Negra (Black House), Mexico, by BGP Arquitectura.

The gorgeous view is the main element on this project. The floor plan asked for as little partitions and walls as possible. The kitchen and fireplace are the only elements erected from the concrete platform. The covered “terraza” is the hub for the whole structure where the cooking and living take place. Landscape was done taking into consideration the local flora and the virtual line that marks the end of the construction and the beginning of the terrain is erased by the integration of the two. The view is part of living in this house.

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