Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Is Here YAY

Septembers over. Im glad, too many sad things happend during that month. October means Autumn. my 2nd favorite season(1st would have to be winter). I love the colors and the smells everything about it. When we lived in Georgia it was my favorite thing in Fall to wait to jump into a big pile of dried out leaves that fell off the giant tree in our front yard. To bad that wouldn't happen here in Vegas.

flickr photo of the week: autumn pool by Xenonb
Love this photo, gets me right in the mood for autumn.

There is a gallery here in Vegas showing "Pop: Images of the British Invasion, '62-'65" which I really want to get a chance to check out. Its all photography by Ian Wright who made himself known taking black and white shots of famous musicians from Ella Fitzgerald to Roy Robinson when he was only 14. This exibit,though focus on the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles and other bands from that era. I really want to go. Someone come with me.

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