Friday, October 24, 2008

Anything At All..

I just realized I had yet to make a post about my love for jewellery, so I guess now here it is! I wear so many bracelets and rings everyday. They aren't very pretty but I like them, and they have meaning to me. I don't appreciate a good piece of jewellery though mine aren't all that classy. They may not match my outfit everyday but they still are cute ha ha. Here are some pieces I thought were quite fascinating but I would probably never wear them.

Indigo bunting bird necklace from Shonah.

Millay earrings from Alisha LouiseDiamonds for Sierra Leone ring from Helpless Romantic

Octopus necklace from The Curiosity Shoppe

Any jewellery by Colleen Baran

Anna James

Anna James turns twentieth century furniture into unique pieces of contemporary art. Shes restores each piece of furniture before she creates her hand made designs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Changed My Mind Again..

Final Decision: velma from scooby doo
Why?: Because its cute, and easy to get.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Changed My Mind On My Costume..

I didn't want to be Jessica Rabbit because I'm not one to be sexy/slutty in pubic or at all. So since I recently decided to chop all my hair off and curl it all the time. I came to a conclusion it looked like Molly Ringwalds hair. So I'm going to be the rendition of her from the movie "The Breakfast Club." Pink shirt, brown skirt, belt, boots, short red curly hair, watch, & diamond ear rings. I am in the process of getting the accessories but I have the outfit and its almost exact. I'm also comfortable in it which is most important.

Yes Oh Yes!

Just A Thought: "Everything will be okay" by the bread + butter shop

I mentioned to my mom today that I would go back to school if I could only go back to the one I attended 3 years ago. Shes thinking of moving so I can go there. That shows how much she loves me and wants me to go back to school. ha ha

I need winter clothes pronto! Its going to start getting colder and all I have are shorts and tank tops.

I want this necklace and shirt. From Umi & Co.

Song I've Been Feelin Today: Yo La Tengo- Autumn Sweater

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walking Dead

I've been sick for the past week now and its getting quite old. I'm sick of being sick. Yesterday was my Step-Mothers baby shower it was a bunch of my secondary family together at someones house I wasn't familiar with. I had fun though. I love little kids! In a non predatory way ha ha! I had fun taking care of them. Enough about my life, I was going though my bookmarks and i found the photography from Johanna Ruebel. I dont know why I hadn't posted it earlier. But here ya go.