Monday, September 8, 2008


California was amazingly fun and we didn't want to leave. When we were there we spent the night at the boys house 2 nights (being rebelious aganist my grandparents is so fun) and just chilled.
we came home for 2 days then we decided we missed the beach, so we went back. We went to the beach 2 times and had a blast. I want to move there so badly. When ever I think of how my life would be there it makes me hate where I am now 100x more. I need to get a job soon and then me and brit can get the fuck out of this hell hole.

Why is age always such a big issue? A couple years younger(maybe 3 or 4) and people automatically think you're a baby compared to them. Not to be vain, but maturity is something I have and I've done enough shit in my short life that some 'older' people haven't. So I hate when they judge me on just the age, get to know me and you'll find out there's more to me than that.

I need a nap im still quite tired and irritable.