Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I got denied. AIS told me they didn't think I would be right at their 'school.' So basically right now were back to where we started. The lady at ais suggested I do oddessy which im gonna try. And if that doesn't work out im just gonna go back to school again. FUCK I HATE SCHOOL. And anything to do with it. I wish that I could just be done and have that be that. School to me is like the place you go to have people talk to you about stuff you are never going to need to know, but maybe if you take their low salary job in the future you'll need it.

Tomorrow is brittneys birthday. She's 18. That's intense to think about.

Basically tomorrow night/friday morning at 3 am were leaving for cali. Im excited to get out of this city again. I hate it here.

Mollys for sure leaving september 9th. It hasn't hit me yet. I wish I had money so I could get her some kind of cute going away present that would sit in here apt and make her always think of me. But im fucking broke, which means its probally be a couple pictures and a card that'll get thrown in a box after a month. Were still gonna be bestfriends forever I think..but I have a feeling im going to change without her. She keeps that one part of me different from everyone else, because she's just molly. So I have that 'just molly' part stuck to the sideof me always. But when she's gone that part will be gone and ill be shelby without molly. Just shelby.