Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Im Back

Im back in las veags.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home Is Where The Heart Is..

I love it here in Santa Monica, but I miss my mom and all my friends, I really didnt think I would miss my friends because I dont have many, but I do. I appreciate all the stuff my family is doing for me here. Since at home we're really short of money and my dad doesn't do shit for me, I dont get much. But since i've been here i've gotten almost everything I wanted. I know thats not the best way to look at things but its nice.
I found out my grandma has breast cancer, so im trying to spend as much time with her as I can before she goes into surgery, so we're going to universal studios tomorrow with my brother and my cousin.

I cant wait to go home though, and for my sister to come, I really miss her.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Time I've Spent Here

So ive been in California for a couple weeks now deff loven it because I get to go shopping almost every day.
Me and my brother, grandpa, and cousin all went to knotts berry farm it was fun..i guess.
In that picture you can tell how stoked I was to be there. It would of been more fun if I was with friends rather than little kids. But anyways, my step grandma is taking me to go shopping to get things for my room, my grandma and my aunt took me shopping yesterday deff got almost 250$ worth of clothes. woo!Im going to universal studios on Thursday! and mamas coming on Sunday.
I got my braces off before I came here on the 1st, I bought some rembrant white strips and they work so goood. My teeth are now white and straight, loves it.

Monday, July 30, 2007


These last couple of weeks have been wierd. I got a job at my dads buisness, kinda stupid all I do is work on the computer, but its cool because I get paid and I get to go whenever I want to. But I havent gone yet and I doupt I will. I hate working. I decided to do independent studies next year insted of going to durango. Just so I can have a little freedom. I get my braces off in 2 days, im so excited and im really scared because I know its going to hurt but I can handle it!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Past Weeks

I havent written in this is about a week or so, in that week I moved to a new house, met a boy, and alot of other junk.

I moved and we're getting all settled in, my mamas stressin still, and for a while we didnt have cable, so there was NOTHING to do. Yesterday we found out we have illegal cable so we now have tv and we steal the internet from the neighbors. shh dont tell.

From now on im going to keep up with this, unless the po po come and arrest us for stealing cable.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Proceed With Caution Until You Know You Are Moving In The Right Direction

So friday night I left to Molly's house around 7, but I ended up going to Vito's house(her boyfriend), met some new people there, one kid who I hate and the rest were okay. So I kinda chilled with them the whole time, they called me murphy because one of the kids thought that was my name so they all started calling me that after his mistake. Its funny, but kind of annoying. Then on Saturday woke up at 6 am ate breakfast, went swimming in mollys pool, tanned, went swimming again, went and got showered and ready, took four 2 second naps, woke up, hung out at Vitos house again till 10, then went back to Molly's and my sister and Caity picked me up, a little awkward but kinda not. We went to robertos then they took me home and they left, I was stuck at home for a couple hours till my mom got home.

Anyways, today im just packing, getting ready to move and shit. So stoked to move!

Todays gonna be boring.

Friday, July 6, 2007


today has been boring, i watched movies and cleaned, I might go to mollys later, probally not though. I forgot, but I dyed my hair red this week, it looks good but its fading already, and some parts are darker than others but my mom says its looks like I have "highlights" so it looks good, whatever.
from this, black

to this, red