Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Time I've Spent Here

So ive been in California for a couple weeks now deff loven it because I get to go shopping almost every day.
Me and my brother, grandpa, and cousin all went to knotts berry farm it was fun..i guess.
In that picture you can tell how stoked I was to be there. It would of been more fun if I was with friends rather than little kids. But anyways, my step grandma is taking me to go shopping to get things for my room, my grandma and my aunt took me shopping yesterday deff got almost 250$ worth of clothes. woo!Im going to universal studios on Thursday! and mamas coming on Sunday.
I got my braces off before I came here on the 1st, I bought some rembrant white strips and they work so goood. My teeth are now white and straight, loves it.

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