Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Summer

Ive done a lot. I'm in California now. Have been for about a week now. Its so green here and the weather is amazing. I can't get over how much I love it.
I love my grandma, I say shes crazy because she is but that's what I love about her, shes into Wicca and she has all these little nick knacks all around her house along with all her candles she has wands, crystals, trolls, crystal balls, and so many statues of wizards. I love it. Its what I miss about her when I haven't seen her in as long as its been.
While I've been here i've seen the dark knight and Mama Mia. The dark knight was amazingggg and Mama Mia was alright. I like Abba thanks to the A TEENS but not enough to be in love with that movie. The story was cute though. But as for the dark knight I saw that with my grandpa and I loved it and so did he. It was just the kind of movie I like. lots of stunts and action.
Today I got my brother into loving mates of state. Best thing, by far, I've done this summer! His favorite song "my only offer." He tries to sing like Jason and wants me to sing like Kori but we never get it right.

I managed to stop by abbot kinny while I was here. In a shop I spotted some art prints that I loved and I had to have one! They were by artist Outi Harma. Shes brilliant. I actually got a chance to meet her in her shop on main street. We got to talking and she told me about how she made all her art and sold it to the store on abbot kinny and sold them at hers also. Nice woman.

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