Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enjoy It While You Can

Went job hunting again. Hopfully I get one. My transportation is still a bike, which sucks but I can live with it for a while. I need new tires. The ones I have are shit! I love the fact that we have a huge drum set sitting in our garage but noone plays it. Its my brothers, but he says hes scared to play it because he doesn't want to make the neighbors mad. Which I totally understand since our neighbors are crazy. I miss my bestfriend, come back from Ohio already!

I want one of these! Its sort of like if astronauts had fish in space. I love the consept and the late 60's look they have. With a coloured acrylic finish and clear front, along with a circular port at the top that offers access to the actual fish and water. Clever stuff too - an easy-to-change filter system makes fish keeping a doddle, while an LED lighting system changes to create sunrise, sunlight, sunset and moonlight.

The BiOrb Life aquarium.

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