Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've Given Up

I stopped posting about what I wanted on my Christmas wish list if you haven't noticed already. I see too many things that I like and can't decided which to post. So I just haven't after I did the third one. But I will tell you that the one thing I would like is a 35mm SLR camera of any brand, I don't care, I just want one. And a lot of gift cards. After I turned about 14 gift cards were probably the best gift anyone could ever give me, especially those American Express ones that can work anywhere.

I figured since its getting close to Christmas and its now in the month of December I'll give ya some Christmas themed Flickr photos. I know I wouldn't be able to get around to it around the actual holiday so here you are.

1.Merry Christmas Mints;2.Snowmen Fall From Heaven unassembled;3.Bear is into Christmas;4. You Can't Catch Me....;5. Sugar Plum Snowflake;6.Vintage Christmas Cards;7. Christmas Land;8. My first Gingerbread House;9.Christmas lights-house;10.have yourself a merry little Christmas;11.Santa Claus is a drunk;12.; Santa's Smile ;13.Dustin with Christmas stockings;14.Merry Christmas!!!;15.Merry Christmas!!!;16.
Our Dad was Santa Clause and much more

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