Saturday, February 7, 2009

RIP Page France

The indie-folk rock band out of Baltimore has called it quits. They're were rumors of the bands breakup all through 2008 and finally a blog post on their Myspace page confirmed it early this year.

"To speak officially [of the split] hadn't seemed necessary. We're all still much involved in making music. It will all just happen inside different names. Once an idea has run it's course, one must move along."

The band released 3 albums; in 2005 they released Come, I'm A Lion; in 2006 they released Hello, Dear Wind; and in 2007 their last, and not as impressive as the first two, Page France And The Family Telephone.
Lead vocalist Michael Nau contributes his time to the band Cotton Jones Basket Ride.
Page France's music is cheery and feel-good and always a good listen.

MP3:Page France-Chariot
Mp3:Page France-Elephant
MP3:Page France-Jesus

Page France music video for song 'Jesus'

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