Monday, October 27, 2008

HANDle Me With Care

I thought I would start off the week with Flickr photos of hands. I'm not sure why I chose hands but they photograph beautifully. Here are a few good ones I managed to find.

1.the carpenters hand-joaobambu; 2.On the other hand-dhammza;3.Hands III-Melkor;4.untitled-Melkor;5.these hands of mine-uberschnapp;6.floating hands-sara heinrichs; teacher hands-tamelyn;8.the art of holding hands-ajpscs;9.I put my shoes on my hands..-beast love;10.blood on our hands-hellopoe;11.hands of sadness-P. Costa;12.jodies hands-chaps1;13.creative hands-dalydose;14.Red right hand-Dhammza;15.right hand-onkel ulle;16.the right hand of a left handed-Demis Courquet;17.young hand playing guitar-size_uk;18.Karels hand komt door de muur- .eti;19.hand time-tomLA;21.Rebecca's Hands, Warmed by the Bulb- Lou O' Bedlam ;23.The Hands Of Time-Expatriate Games ;24.Slow Hands-chicolorpinkpunk ;25.Clara's" Hands-CariePhoto

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